Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Beware: Toyota Accelerator Sticking (AU) Facebook Page

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    Just stumbled on this Facebook page. Toyota Corolla SUA victim.

    This is the Precaution Facebook page for all Australian Toyota drivers - just be wary that it can happen to anyone at anytime without warning. If you've had the same incident, please post!

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    On the 30th August at 5.10pm on my way home from work I encountered a problem with my 2007 model Toyota Corolla. Whilst driving on the Cumberland Hwy (close to the intersection with Old Windsor Road, Northmead) I accelerated to merge into the left lane and found after releasing the accelerator pedal that my car was still accelerating with high REVS noise coming from the engine (as if I had just floored on the gas pedal and kept it there). I turned the corner at approximately 70km/hr and continued to try and stop or brake the car by putting my gear into park, reverse, neutral and even pulling up the handbrake and leaving it there. I drove up a hill and back down to the other side with the gear in parked and my handbrakes up with my foot slammed on the brake pedal (which only slowed the acceleration but did not stop the car). In the end I figured that the only way to stop the car was to turn off the engine to which my car skidded and steering wheel locked. Luckily at that time I had no car behind or in front of me or in the lane next to me to swerve into, however if any of you have been on Cumberland Hwy during peak hour, you would know that I was EXTREMELY lucky to drive through two traffic lights (green, thankfully) without hurting myself or anyone else on the road!

    One week later and dozens of phone calls to Toyota to chase up the problem, they managed to get an inspector out and have concluded that my car is in perfect condition with no electrical or mechanical fault and that I'm silly stupid driver as the "Floor mats" must have gotten "caught" in between the pedal. However they will replace my acceleration pedal anyway just as a "precaution". The dealer ordered in the pedal yesterday and apparently it should've came today to fix up my car, however when it arrived, they realised that they had ordered the wrong one. Does anyone think this is ridiculous? A Toyota Dealership ordering the wrong pedal for a Toyota model car?!

    So to sum up, I just wanted every Toyota driver (2007-2010) to keep my incident in the back of their mind and make sure that if it happens to you that you take the floor mat out and throw it out your car window, else you'd be too dead to argue the case with Toyota that it wasn't the floor mat!!!

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