Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sudden Unintended Acceleration Information?

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Toyota & GM Two Peas in a Pod of Deception?

GM and Toyota are cut from the same cloth! Bob Hilliard along with Trudy Baltazar and others were instrumental in freeing imprisoned Koua Fong Lee, Toyota owner whose Camry suddenly accelerated and crashed, killing several members of one family. Koua Fong Lee served four years of his eight year sentence after he was wrongfully convicted. He missed the birth of one of his children. He is so honest that he refused to cut a deal by admitting fault. 

Toyota did NOTHING. Unfortunately, Koua Fong Lee is far from alone. An embedded software expert. Michael Barr, has found the ECTS-i in Toyota and Lexus vehicles has poorly designed software and glitches can lead to an ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration with an ineffective fail-safe. Translation: a runaway Toyota with ineffective brakes. Problem? Mr. Barr's 300-page report is court-sealed. It was a big part of the Oklahoma Bookout vs. Toyota SUA case won by the 2005 Toyota Camry owner. 

Toyota and Lexus vehicles continue to violently accelerate from parking lots and stopped positions and crash into storefronts, buildings, and homes where deaths have resulted. Jail time has been served. Lives have been forever changed. Vehicle owners continue to complain to Toyota but Toyota says the vehicles are traceable problem found. BUT...does Toyota know the truth and is it keeping it secret?

No public corporate response has been given to Toyota whistleblower and translator, Betsy Benjaminson's publicly-disclosed Toyota internal documents which show evidence that Toyota knows what's happening. However, Toyota is currently attempting to stop Betsy's actions behind-the-scenes via legal motions. Is Toyota more customer-responsive as promised or more public information-suppressive as historically-demonstrated? 

It seems that Mary Barra may follow in Toyota CEO, James Lentz's footsteps. Denial is so much easier. Blaming the vehicle owners is more lucrative and less damaging to the self-lauded public image, after all. What the public doesn't know can't hurt it...or can it? 

As we've seen with both GM and Toyota, the vehicle owners and their families have to become vocal and organize in order to be heard by the automaker. Even then, the automakers dance around the issues and choose words carefully in order to escape full responsibility. What's wrong with this picture? Why isn't NHTSA protecting the vehicle owners instead of the automakers? 

The system is severely broken and needs repair. It will take public outrage about the lack of safety standards in vehicles before change is impacted. Unfortunately, the public is in the dark thanks to the automakers and the beholden media. Couple this with an in-the-back-pocket government regulatory agency and you've got a runaway train, right? Add Reputation Management Companies and on-line suppression of vehicle owner complaints and dialogue and you've got criminal culpability, don't you? 

Until the fix is in effect, vehicle owners are the "test pilots." Driving these vehicles with unsafe parts and poorly designed software is like playing Russian roulette, isn't it?

Charlene Blake

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

URGENT: File Sudden Unintended Acceleration (Surging, Lurching) Complaints

What Good Can Come of Reporting Toyota UA?
Posted on Tuesday, Sep 23rd, 2014

ALERT: Toyota sudden unintended acceleration victims, it is critical for you to report any and all episodes of Toyota & Lexus SUA as soon as it occurs. The automaker is counting on you not taking the time to do this. Do not allow Toyota to tell you that there is nothing wrong with your vehicle. Do not allow Toyota to blame you either. Your next SUA event may be a fatal one as the problem is not predictable. According to recent Toyota owners, Toyota has attempted to BULLY them into believing they are at fault.

Use the links on this site to the Center for Auto Safety and the NHTSA (must file no matter how ineffective or corrupt this agency may be) to file vehicle owner complaints online NOW. Do not wait for someone else to do it. In addition, send the same complaints to Toyota's Independent Monitor in writing. Save copies of all complaints filed, including dates. Speak out online about your Toyota & Lexus safety issues.

Go one step further...formally petition the NHTSA to open a defect investigation into the serious problem of sudden unintended acceleration. Once the petition is submitted the NHTSA must respond in a set number of days. 

Here’s where you can report your Toyota UA to Independent Monitor David Kelley:

David N. Kelley, Esq.                                                                                    
Independent Monitor
Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP
80 Pine Street
New York, NY 10005-1702

Who knew? Toyota or Lexus can change your life...forever!

Who knew that driving a Toyota or Lexus could result in jail time and worse if a sudden unintended acceleration accident occurred? Toyota said all this is over because the recall has been done and it has paid its $1.2 billion fine. THINK again if you believe that claim! 

The real problem currently is ELECTRONIC SUA and accidents are happening daily. Many of these involve vehicles in parking lots when braking is initiated. Storefront crashes and crashes-into-buildings/homes are reported. Toyota finds the vehicle code stored and EDR (black box) shows no braking. However, Toyota and Lexus drivers report the vehicle "taking off" or "having a mind of its own." These same vehicles have been reported going airborne from a standstill starting point in a parking lot!

Here are the critical issues:

Sloppily-designed Toyota electronic throttle system software (see Michael Barr's findings) equals RUNAWAY---a.k.a. sudden unintended acceleration----Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Worse? The electronic fail-safe---a.k.a. the way to stop the runaway---is also rendered ineffective at the time of the SUA glitch (Michael Barr, embedded software expert).

Translation? Your runaway Toyota or Lexus is not going to stop until something stops it!

Even worse? Your Toyota or Lexus EDR---a.k.a black box---is going to record inconsistent, unreliable data (see Dr. Antony Anderson's findings). OR, your EDR will show accurate data but Toyota will NOT give you access to it and may lie about the significance of the data.

Problem? You will be CHARGED for any deaths or injuries to others as a result of an accident your runaway vehicle causes based on the faulty EDR results and an assumption of "driver pedal misapplication."

More of a problem? You may go to JAIL or prison if the EDR erroneously shows that you are not braking---which it has for others more often than not. Essentially, you will be deemed not telling the truth or confused in media coverage because Toyota will say its EDR is accurate---even though it admitted this data was unreliable previously.

Even a bigger problem? If there is any chance a detail comes out that supports the driver, the media will take sides with the automaker and support your character assassination publicly. Are you on prescription meds or any medications? Are you an older citizen? Are you a woman and older? Bingo! Elderly pedal misapplication, according to media and Toyota.

Don't worry...all your skeletons will be dug up as Toyota goes full steam ahead to escape blame for faulty electronics! Just keep track of all these mysterious vehicles-into-homes and storefront crashes and read the headlines. Read the PR propaganda supporting driver error.

Toyota's $$ goes far and wide...even to the heart of the very agency commissioned to protect your SAFETY! The DOJ and NHTSA are still looking the other way---a.k.a. protecting corporate interests. They do not want to open up the ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration issue as then there will be a public cover-up scandal which rivals the best---or worst---of them.

All the above doesn't factor in the so far little-known in the U.S. whistleblower, Betsy Benjaminson. She's has copies of hundreds of internal Toyota documents. Many of these show clear evidence of concern over an electronic throttle system problem---a.k.a. "ghost in the engine"---and the lack of fix for it. Betsy has a blog where she has posted some of the evidence. She's been the feature of several articles and a podcast interview outside the U.S. Google her name to find.

Toyota, the media, and the government seem to be handling each new suspicious runaway vehicle accident---a.k.a. driver states pressing brake when the vehicle takes off, becomes airborne, has a mind of its own, etc.---on a case-by-case basis. Apparently, there is the hope that each case will blow over with little public attention. There is hope, too, that the public buys into the PR machine working overtime with law enforcement and media to BLAME the vehicle driver. SUA victim = SCAPEGOAT.

As far as Toyota is concerned, it is DONE with the topic of sudden unintended acceleration. Period. It got the free pass with a huge U.S. Government fine---a.k.a. permission not to face the music regarding ELECTRONIC SUA. Floor mats, pedals, driver error...done DEAL.

Toyota's well-orchestrated smoke screen continues aided and abetted by our very own safety regulatory agency. Can't beat that! The sky's the limit now...think of all the untoward consequences for Toyota owners, not to mention the driving public.

Toyota is #1 in numbers of sudden unintended acceleration events. is not alone! This is an industry-wide phenomenon and not one automaker wants the public knowledgeable about ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration.

Charlene Blake

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reflections on Spotlight on NHTSA during Senate Hearing 9/16/14

Mr. Friedman, you weren't looking for the ghost in Toyota's engines! You were trying to cover it all up along with the automaker! Admit it, please!

What you really need is a real GHOSTBUSTER...a.k.a. an embedded electronic throttle control expert...who can track down the glitch-prone bug in the complex engine software! Oh...yeah...Michael Barr, world renown software expert, did that already but you currently choose to turn the other way and act like this information doesn't exist.

You did the same thing with Laura Gipe Christian's (organizer of Facebook's "GM Recall Survivors" group) deadly ignition switch information years ago, didn't you? She tried to give you critical information which you chose to IGNORE!

Stop blowing blue smoke like engine-oil-sludging Toyota vehicles! denied two of my petitions to investigate that on-going issue (see pending class action lawsuit for "excessive oil consumption" in Toyota engines) YEARS ago. You chose NOT to act even after you received a petition with over 3300 Toyota and Lexus owner signatures on it!

NOTHING seems to be changing at NHTSA! As Parris Boyd says, NHTSA = No Help To Solve Anything! You've been in the automakers' back pockets for decades. We, the public, know it!

Stop assisting the automakers in the owner BLAME GAME! This "driver error" theory for ever-increasing electronic sudden unintended acceleration and resulting crashes (many into storefronts, buildings, and homes) is insulting to the vehicle owner's intelligence. It's NO GHOST but rather a complex electronic glitch that most certainly CAN be found if you employee the right experts AND you actually want to find it as opposed to shielding the automaker!

I was a spectator at the Senate hearing on 9/16/14. I was impressed with the bark of Senators McCaskill, Blumenthal, and Markey. I was UNIMPRESSED with your theatrical performance! You are in a state of deliberate denial and the public has real reason to be concerned! If you think we plan to drive vehicles with DEADLY defects another day, think again! Consumers are fed up with cover-up!

JAIL time is needed for ALL who have played dumb for decades! This includes BOTH top automaker executives as well as their enabling partners-in-crime at NHTSA!

Charlene McCarthy Blake

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reflections on Toyota Whistleblower Betsy Benjaminson's Blog Entry "Impeachable,...or not"

Excellent, insights, Betsy! You are on the mark especially as this applies to the U.S. Government's handling of the Toyota sudden unintended acceleration fiasco! No mention at all has been given to ELECTRONICALLY-induced SUA while drivers, passengers, storefront/building/home occupants, pedestrians, and others who continue to be either critically-injured or killed by runaway Toyota vehicles!

How is it that a corporation gains so much power? How is it that $$ becomes more important than human lives? How is it that so many people or entities are involved in Toyota's BLAME GAME but cannot speak about it because of financial reasons?

Something is amiss! Public safety has truly gone by the wayside as evidenced by the criminal actions of Toyota, GM, and other automakers. Further, how is it that Toyota can go after its critics, particularly WHISTLEBLOWERS, with such vengeance without the PUBLIC reacting?

Toyota has essentially maligned experts in the fields of engineering and computer electronics in order to cover up its unexplained and terrifying sudden unintended acceleration problem. It has a history of legally harassing those who seek to advocate for SUA victims. The automaker uses a covert means to challenge and discredit consumer advocates who seek to network with similarly-affected Toyota owners.

Just as important to note, Toyota customers are "attacked" by Toyota's SMART team when they come to Toyota to report these shocking episodes. These meetings are described by Toyota owners as intimidating and belittling. The "team" attempts to tell customers that the SUA events didn't happen as described. The goal is to make the customer take blame for the erratic behavior of the vehicle. Age ("elderly" and "teen" scapegoats), alleged medical condition, alleged impairment, or alleged emergency event ("seizure," "blackout, etc) are used as "explanations" for the SUA events/crashes. If none of those arbitrary "excuses" work, Toyota falls back on the "killer floor mat" theory.

How is it that a corporate entity like Toyota can call the shots, particularly with Government, media, and law enforcement? What's wrong with this picture? WHEN will the public get mobilized to change the status quo? 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Are ELECTRONIC Throttle Control Software Glitches Causing Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration?

Toyota and Lexus are #1 in cases of sudden unintended acceleration and FORD is #2. The current unintended acceleration plaguing newer vehicles is the electronically-induced type. The engine throttle control systems depend on computer software to command them. Sometimes glitches in some of your other electronic devices...which can cause the command to be different than what you desire. The evidence of the glitch is often undetectable after the vehicle is restarted. Unfortunately, the EDR (black box) is not always accurate as shown by expert Dr. Antony Anderson in his analysis of a 2012 Toyota Highlander. The EDR results indicated the driver was not braking when she was doing so. The EDR results are inconsistent.

The key to avoiding a horrific crash during a SUA event is whether or not the vehicle has an effective fail-safe in the event a glitch occurs. If it does not, as in the case of the glitch-prone Toyota ETCS-i, then the vehicle may become a runaway with an ineffective means to stop it. Unfortunately, the safety standards aren't as strict in automobiles as they are in airplanes. Some manufacturers have more effective fail-safes than others. In the case of Toyota, an embedded software expert, Michael Barr (see Oklahoma Bookout vs. Toyota court case involving a 2005 Camry) found that an electronic glitch could induce a SUA event. Another expert, Dr. Henning Leidecker, found that a SUA event could also be triggered by "tin whisker" formation, particularly in 2002-2006 Toyota Camry vehicles.

SUA events have been DEADLY for vehicle occupants as well as pedestrians and people in storefronts, buildings, and even homes. The numbers of such crashes are ever-increasing with the advent of the very complex ELECTRONIC throttle control systems.

With the increase in such serious vehicle crashes, there is a concerted effort to show driver "pedal misapplication" or a "medical condition" or some other reason for the incident...anything other than a vehicle defect. Investigators aren't scrutinizing the buggy electronic throttle control software or other conditions that can elicit a terrifying sudden unintended acceleration incident. They usually just examine the *mechanical* causes which tend to be just red herrings in these cases. Investigators simply don't have the expertise to find such electronic glitches. In fact, the staff at the NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, do not have this very specialized training!

Think of it...the next step in electronically-controlled vehicles seems to be so-called "self-driving cars." Do YOU want to be in a such a vehicle when there is no evidence that strict safety standards, particularly in the throttle control system's software, have been adhered to? Will you just BLINDLY trust the automaker (criminally-investigated and nearly-prosecuted Toyota and soon-to-be GM and others?) to come through for you and your family's safety *on its own*?

A recently published Huffington Post article by Jonathan Handel, 

How Do We Know Driverless Cars Are Safe? Google Says 'Trust Us'

Posted: Updated: speaks to these very issues and poses tough questions about Google's "driverless" vehicles. Educate yourself carefully before you put your faith in automakers who have knowingly lied to their customers and the government for decades. Study the issue of vehicle electronic sudden unintended acceleration and ask WHY we aren't seeing it addressed publicly. WHY is blame placed on the driver with little more than speculation about which pedal was used or with little more than an assumption on medical condition. This is being done *even when the drivers steadfastly cite a VEHICLE PROBLEM as the cause of the crash. Absence of proof is not proof of absence of a serious ELECTRONIC computer glitch or other electronically-caused SUA. 

Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration Crashes

Most Toyota SUA victims use the word "terrifying" in their description of the crashes or even in the event without a crash, IF they are lucky enough to stop the vehicle before it crashes! The witness said "horrific" and that word is also used a lot to describe these frightening events of unintended ELECTRONIC acceleration.

These accidents are described as a "freak" or "bizarre" because of the erratic behavior of the vehicles at the time of the incidents. Drivers are "shocked" or "dazed" or "confused" afterwards as you can imagine ANYONE would be!

This isn't about age, medical condition, or any other cause superficial to the ACTUAL no-speed or low-speed to AIRBORNE speed in seconds electronic cause of such accidents.

Make no mistake about it...there is a Big PR push to make sure the driver is found to be at fault...even if it means conjuring up the most "handy" excuse possible. A real Toyota Corolla victim tells all about Toyota's coercion (a.k.a. BULLY) techniques on Twitter. See @04francene. No one is laughing about what the automaker is doing to its 
own customers when they come to it to report this serious safety issue happening in their vehicles!

If you read comment sections on these articles, you see a lot of inappropriate joking going on at the car crash victim's expense. It happens time and time again if you take the time to track the articles about these horrific crashes. Think that's innocent? Think again.

CLASSIC Parking Lot ELECTRONIC Unintended Acceleration Crashes into Storefronts or Buildings

Classic *parking lot* electronic sudden unintended acceleration observations:

1) driver pulls into or out of parking space/spot with braking
2) engine revs loudly...ROARING!
3) open throttle vehicle TAKES OFF, often jumping curbs, climbing embankments, crossing medians, careening into fences
4) CRASHES into storefront, building, or homes with bulldozer-like power 
5) wheels continue spinning AFTER impact, squealing and burning rubber until smoke fills space
6) driver in a state of shock about what just happened
7) IF death or injury to others, driver's reputation slammed and charges filed

THEN...police and automaker rule DRIVER ERROR (or "medical condition" or "elderly" or "impaired") because we must NOT blame the highly-complex, computer-driven, electronic glitch-prone vehicle!!

BEWARE of auto industry-known initial low-speed or no-speed ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration! This type of #SUA is far more common than you think!

Toyota & "$$ Friends" SPINNING?

PR spin by automaker, law enforcement, and media in full force? Do they desperately desire the final report to say "pedal misapplication" in order to deflect from the ELECTRONICS of the computer-controlled throttle control system?

Let's see if the driver is hung out to dry publicly as so many have been in these crashes into storefronts, buildings, and homes. Jail time for drivers has been levied with nothing more than ruling out the mechanical causes. In cases of Toyota and Lexus, inconsistent and inaccurate EDR information has been used to falsely incriminate SUA crash victims. Character assassinations in the media prior to concrete evidence presentation seem to be the norm.

Are automakers nervous that the truth will be revealed publicly? Why are so many of the articles about such SUA events lacking in pertinent details, like make, model, and model year? Why aren't the exact words of the driver stated? Why is there usually immediate speculation that the driver pressed the wrong pedal? These late model vehicles are *computer-controlled*. Glitches occur often. Critical safety standards aren't strictly regulated and fail-safes have been found to be ineffective by experts in the embedded software field.

Think about how often you reboot your electronic devices. Have you considered that an electronically-driven vehicle has many of the same "glitch" issues? Are you erroneously assuming that your safety has been ensured by the auto manufacturer? Just know, the auto industry is not regulated like the airline industry. Educate yourself on this critical safety matter.

The Car Wash Association knows the truth about sudden unintended acceleration in late model vehicles, particularly Chryslers. A FastStop Car Wash just admitted that there is a list of the most common vehicles to suddenly accelerate. After an employee was thrown from a Ford Expedition as it careened out-of-control from a car wash and into a power box on the side of a building, this information was revealed by the media. In addition, Honda has just become the first automaker to address electronic throttle control software problems.

Why doesn't the public have access to the most-often-to-suddenly-accelerate vehicle list? How hard are the automakers trying to keep such information hidden? Will what you do not know ultimately put you or your family in unnecessary jeopardy? Will the PR agenda of the automakers continue to push for a "pedal misapplication" final report in these crash events?

How long will the flawed study into Toyota and Lexus sudden unintended acceleration by NASA/NHTSA be touted as a reason to blame the vehicle owners? How often will the old Audi SUA investigation be cited by online PR trolls in an effort to justify immediate incrimination of the driver victims? More importantly, how long will the public be deceived?

Why was Toyota whistleblower Betsy Benjaminson recently issued a subpoena by Toyota Motor Corporation? Is this an on-going effort by the automaker to silence the exposure of Toyota internal documents related to the electronic sudden unintended acceleration? Why hasn't Ms. Benjaminson's information been covered by the U.S. media as it has been overseas? More importantly, why hasn't the U.S. Department of Justice made reference to this information in its recent criminal investigation of Toyota? Why have we only heard about *mechanical* causes of SUA?

Something is amiss. Doesn't the public deserve to know the truth? After all, electronic sudden unintended acceleration affects everyone, not just vehicle drivers. Pedestrians and storefront occupants have been killed or maimed. Even residents in homes have been impacted. SUA events are not just occurring on the highways; they are happening in parking lots and from a standstill at traffic stops, too.

This serious problem isn't just about elderly drivers, drivers with medical conditions, or impaired drivers as a seemingly pervasive PR effort might have you believe. This is about vehicles out-of-control because of electronic glitches and ineffective fail-safes. This is about unregulated critical safety standards in complex electronically-controlled vehicles.

Facts about Toyota's Sudden Unintended Acceleration as of Spring 2014

Singer/songwriter Kris Kitko did an AWESOME job on her YouTube video directed at Toyota regarding her own real world experience with Toyota SUA, sudden unintended acceleration. With her satirical approach, she completely destroyed the Toyota and NHTSA myth about SUA, namely “pedal misapplication” by drivers. Unfortunately, Kris Kitko’s YouTube video is no longer available for viewing online.
In the wake of the NHTSA/DOJ $1.2 BILLION settlement following a CRIMINAL investigation, Kris should be encouraged to use her finely-honed musical skills to do a sequel to her first Toyota SUA YouTube video. The U.S. Federal Government allowed Toyota “deferred prosecution” in this settlement provided it follow the steps outlined in the terms of the agreement. No one…not one single Toyota executive…is going to serve any prison time for knowingly withholding evidence that could have saved many lives and ensured public safety on the roads.Toyota ADMITTED that it LIED to both the Toyota customers and the government.
Michael Barr, renowned embedded systems expert, after studying Toyota’s ETCS-I far longer than NASA did, found the existence of faults in the software which could lead to a real-world, potentially-catastrophic SUA event with a number of potentially ineffective failsafes. Imagine flying down the road in a Toyota with no functioning brake override to exit a software task-death! Isn’t that a bit like being on a high-speed roller coaster and having the track fail to keep you on? And want to know the most SHOCKING part? Toyota reportedly didn't have a copy of the code in their OWN monitor chip! Michael Barr and company had to SHOW them! Can we just say, “Scary!”
Toyota cites that there is no electronic cause for SUA in its vehicles based on the short-duration investigations by NHTSA and NASA. Michael Barr and other experts have shown these studies to be scientifically seriously flawed. First, the ETCS-I software investigation was extremely limited. Only a SMALL FRACTION of the embedded software was tested by NASA.
Secondly, Toyota misrepresented the presence of EDAC RAM  (error detection and correction random access memory) while indications of this issue were apparently redacted in the original NHTSA report.  This misled NASA into NOT LOOKING INTO a number of potential sources of failure – which they may otherwise might have.

According to NASA expert, Dr. Henning Leidecker, some Toyota's can grow "tin whiskers" within certain electronic components. This can result in short circuits which can lead to yet another type of electronically-induced SUA event. Dr. Leidecker and associates actually DID FIND and study a case of "tin whiskers" found within the accelerator pedal assembly; rendering a Toyota vehicle UNDRIVEABLE.

Dr. Leidecker suggests driving the affected Toyota vehicles is "a game of Russian roulette." Dr. Leidecker is most concerned about 2002-2006 Toyota Camrys with their potential to grow "tin whiskers." He indicates the risk of this condition increases over time.
Meanwhile, whistleblower Betsy Benjaminson remains scared for Toyota drivers. She is convinced Toyota's own internal documents strongly indicate SOMETHING IS WRONG with their ETCS-i ELECTRONICS . She says "ghosts" indicate glitches can cause a runaway car. Betsy now blogs on a Blogger website where she continues to EXPOSE key facts that she says open the company's PR KIMONO. Betsy's goal is to reveal the true inside story of Toyota's SUA problem and to demonstrate and expose the differences between the company walk and company talk.
How did Betsy turn whistleblower? As a Japanese-to-English translator, Betsy was hired by Toyota's legal team to translate documents for the criminal investigation of Toyota. Just like the DOJ, Betsy SMELLED A RAT. After checking with top experts, she came forward to alert the public to the major safety issues involved.
Toyota owner, turned consumer activist-blogger, Parris Boyd has been blogging about what he calls “The Recall King” (a.k.a. Toyota) for years. His blog, “Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be YOU…” was initially an outlet for his frustration with Toyota, after his MR2 Spyder’s engine disintegrated at low mileage. Parris went for assistance. What he faced was an unresponsive, stonewalling company in a state of denial.
During the height of Toyota’s engine oil SLUDGE debacle, Parris created his blog with the goal of using his free speech to help other similarly-affected Toyota owners. He also wanted the public to know just how Toyota and its dealerships treated their “valued customers.” Parris’s Blogger website currently receives over 100 views a day!
So, WHY is Toyota trying so hard to CONVINCE its own customers and the public that its vehicles suffer from SUA caused only by 1) improperly placed or type of floor mats (huh?); 2) sticky accelerator pedals (like those pesky sticky Sienna minivan sliding doors?); or 3) pedal misapplication (oh...the little old lady theory?). Why does it IGNORE the recent findings of the electronic experts? WHY isn’t it currently LISTENING to its own customers?
Well, YOU be the judge. The FACTS are before you.