Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reflections on Toyota Whistleblower Betsy Benjaminson's Blog Entry "Impeachable,...or not"

Excellent, insights, Betsy! You are on the mark especially as this applies to the U.S. Government's handling of the Toyota sudden unintended acceleration fiasco! No mention at all has been given to ELECTRONICALLY-induced SUA while drivers, passengers, storefront/building/home occupants, pedestrians, and others who continue to be either critically-injured or killed by runaway Toyota vehicles!

How is it that a corporation gains so much power? How is it that $$ becomes more important than human lives? How is it that so many people or entities are involved in Toyota's BLAME GAME but cannot speak about it because of financial reasons?

Something is amiss! Public safety has truly gone by the wayside as evidenced by the criminal actions of Toyota, GM, and other automakers. Further, how is it that Toyota can go after its critics, particularly WHISTLEBLOWERS, with such vengeance without the PUBLIC reacting?

Toyota has essentially maligned experts in the fields of engineering and computer electronics in order to cover up its unexplained and terrifying sudden unintended acceleration problem. It has a history of legally harassing those who seek to advocate for SUA victims. The automaker uses a covert means to challenge and discredit consumer advocates who seek to network with similarly-affected Toyota owners.

Just as important to note, Toyota customers are "attacked" by Toyota's SMART team when they come to Toyota to report these shocking episodes. These meetings are described by Toyota owners as intimidating and belittling. The "team" attempts to tell customers that the SUA events didn't happen as described. The goal is to make the customer take blame for the erratic behavior of the vehicle. Age ("elderly" and "teen" scapegoats), alleged medical condition, alleged impairment, or alleged emergency event ("seizure," "blackout, etc) are used as "explanations" for the SUA events/crashes. If none of those arbitrary "excuses" work, Toyota falls back on the "killer floor mat" theory.

How is it that a corporate entity like Toyota can call the shots, particularly with Government, media, and law enforcement? What's wrong with this picture? WHEN will the public get mobilized to change the status quo? 

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