Sunday, September 7, 2014

CLASSIC Parking Lot ELECTRONIC Unintended Acceleration Crashes into Storefronts or Buildings

Classic *parking lot* electronic sudden unintended acceleration observations:

1) driver pulls into or out of parking space/spot with braking
2) engine revs loudly...ROARING!
3) open throttle vehicle TAKES OFF, often jumping curbs, climbing embankments, crossing medians, careening into fences
4) CRASHES into storefront, building, or homes with bulldozer-like power 
5) wheels continue spinning AFTER impact, squealing and burning rubber until smoke fills space
6) driver in a state of shock about what just happened
7) IF death or injury to others, driver's reputation slammed and charges filed

THEN...police and automaker rule DRIVER ERROR (or "medical condition" or "elderly" or "impaired") because we must NOT blame the highly-complex, computer-driven, electronic glitch-prone vehicle!!

BEWARE of auto industry-known initial low-speed or no-speed ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration! This type of #SUA is far more common than you think!

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