Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reflections on Spotlight on NHTSA during Senate Hearing 9/16/14

Mr. Friedman, you weren't looking for the ghost in Toyota's engines! You were trying to cover it all up along with the automaker! Admit it, please!

What you really need is a real GHOSTBUSTER...a.k.a. an embedded electronic throttle control expert...who can track down the glitch-prone bug in the complex engine software! Oh...yeah...Michael Barr, world renown software expert, did that already but you currently choose to turn the other way and act like this information doesn't exist.

You did the same thing with Laura Gipe Christian's (organizer of Facebook's "GM Recall Survivors" group) deadly ignition switch information years ago, didn't you? She tried to give you critical information which you chose to IGNORE!

Stop blowing blue smoke like engine-oil-sludging Toyota vehicles! denied two of my petitions to investigate that on-going issue (see pending class action lawsuit for "excessive oil consumption" in Toyota engines) YEARS ago. You chose NOT to act even after you received a petition with over 3300 Toyota and Lexus owner signatures on it!

NOTHING seems to be changing at NHTSA! As Parris Boyd says, NHTSA = No Help To Solve Anything! You've been in the automakers' back pockets for decades. We, the public, know it!

Stop assisting the automakers in the owner BLAME GAME! This "driver error" theory for ever-increasing electronic sudden unintended acceleration and resulting crashes (many into storefronts, buildings, and homes) is insulting to the vehicle owner's intelligence. It's NO GHOST but rather a complex electronic glitch that most certainly CAN be found if you employee the right experts AND you actually want to find it as opposed to shielding the automaker!

I was a spectator at the Senate hearing on 9/16/14. I was impressed with the bark of Senators McCaskill, Blumenthal, and Markey. I was UNIMPRESSED with your theatrical performance! You are in a state of deliberate denial and the public has real reason to be concerned! If you think we plan to drive vehicles with DEADLY defects another day, think again! Consumers are fed up with cover-up!

JAIL time is needed for ALL who have played dumb for decades! This includes BOTH top automaker executives as well as their enabling partners-in-crime at NHTSA!

Charlene McCarthy Blake

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