Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CENSORSHIP at CBSMiami on Toyota Camry Outdoor Diner Crash

Azar is a SUA victim herself who has permanent damage to her legs. She's still faced with years of rehab and more surgeries (24 already!) due to no fault of her own. Her Lexus became out of control in a similar way and she was not able to maintain control of it.

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      Another victim (and denier) of driver error. EDR data will back this up, no doubt. 

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          Be careful though because Toyota has also stated emphatically that the EDR shows "no braking" when drivers emphatically say they were! When the EDR dat suits Toyota, this is what it will show. It's called CHERRY-PICKING the data to suit escaping manufacturer's responsibility.
          Recall all the hot water that NHTSA is in regarding the GM ignition switch debacle? NHTSA aided and abetted Toyota during the first sudden unintended acceleration fiasco, according to most SUA victims! I was present during the recent NHTSA hot seat in front of Congress. Rest assured, NOTHING has changed there!
          Remember WHO was found to be lying to Congress, NHTSA, and customers. It was Toyota that got a "deferred prosecution agreement" from the DOJ and who has to be monitored for YEARS due to its brazen disregard for the TRUTH.
          Dr. Antony Anderson, an expert electrical engineer the UK, has shown that Toyota EDR can be inaccurate and inconsistent. See the Highlander crashes into home on YT. He found that that data recording did not match the movements of the vehicle in he video.
          THIS is the way that Toyota will attempt to incriminate the driver if at all possible, IMO. It's happened before and it will likely continue to happen.
 a historical aside, I've seen this OWNER BLAME GAME before in the case of Toyota engine oil sludge. See Automotive News May 13, 2002 issue which gives my story. It was another Toyota consumer effort in which I participated. Back then...and to this day...Toyota maintained this serious engine malady was caused by owner maintenance neglect of their own vehicles. It has never taken due responsibility for the defect which owners say caused the engine oil to be consumed quickly and baked within the engine.

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