Saturday, October 25, 2014

Could a deadly vehicle defect lead to a permanently ruined reputation? YES!

AND...the CENSORSHIP continues! Here's a comment I composed which was one of the ones censored recently. There's been concerted effort by anonymous entities to falsely flag comments which are made on articles reporting on suspicious sudden acceleration crashes. My, oh my...whatever could someone be worried about? Take into consideration the cover-up by automakers when you decide WHO might be opposed to the content of this comment. 

Sudden Unintended Acceleration Victims:
Carol Fedigan, Lake Sammamish, WA (legal case pending)
Roseanne Piccirilli, Yonkers, NY (legal case pending)
Mary Hill, Orlando, FL (serving jail time currently)


Are you aware of the number of SUDDEN UNINTENDED ACCELERATION cases there are in the Chrysler JEEP? I suggest you check with the Car Wash Association because it is one of the top vehicles in terms of SUA complaints at car wash facilities. There's even a list compiled by the association of the top vehicles which run away at the car washes.

Carol Fedigan's...brand new Chrysler Jeep SUV owner...reputation was attacked long before a shred of evidence came out. They used the word "drunk" in the headlines without any evidence other than an officer's suspicion! Someone even took the time to immediately post a reputation-destroying YouTube video about Carol Fedigan's accident. WHO did this and WHY? Think cover-up and you'd be close to the real reason that Carol's name is being slammed publicly.

What was Carol's supposed "crime?" She had the misfortune of moving her gorgeous white Jeep from a parked position in front of her home into her driveway. Unfortunately, the vehicle became a runaway, TOOK OFF, went through and out the back of her home, killing members of her immediate family!

We couldn't possibly consider the serious ELECTRONIC defect in the Chrysler Jeep, could we?

Is this the first time a female vehicle crash victim has been publicly attacked? No, it's not. Think Mary Hill near Orlando, FL who is STILL in prison after her BMW took off as she was driving her daughter and her daughter's good friend to school. Someone wrote an entire book about Mary's accident clearly in order to ruin Mary's reputation. "Driver error," it was proclaimed!

Where are Carol Fedigan's statements about what happened? How about Mary Hill's account? We are hearing only one side in the media. The side that wants to put the driver in PRISON if death or maiming occurs. Roseanne Piccirilli was "lucky"...or was she...when her JEEP maimed and killed youngsters at a Yonker's carnival. She was not charged with vehicular homicide after an SUA event. The headlines shouted it was a combination of vehicle malfunction and "driver error." She's bound legally as her case pushes through the court system. Was she at fault at all OR is the auto industry determined escape any responsibility?

Guess the automaker could NOT dig up any dirt on her like it has the others? As it is, she had to take most of the blame! Just ask Corolla SUA victim's daughter, Francene Lawler, what Toyota does to the victim after an SUA crash! She's an Australian who says Toyota tried to BULLY her mother and brother into accepting know, "pedal misapplication."

She's got the whole thing TAPE-RECORDED!! Toyota told her mother that the incident did NOT happen as she said it did. Toyota tried the "elderly" reason and then after learning the woman drove big rigs without issue, it tried the old "driver error" ploy on her. There was NO chance it was floor know, KILLER mats...BUT that excuse was tried too! In fact, Toyota was wishy-washy waffling on the cause of Francene's mother's and brother's completely separate sudden unintended acceleration incidents in the SAME 2008 Toyota Corolla. The automaker is grabbing at straws to escape blame!

WHY is it automakers are so keen to dig up skeletons on the drivers who sue them after crashes or defect revelation? Check out the LEMON LADY's Route 44 Toyota to see what's happening to her after her brand new Prius had brake failure. Looks like Toyota is attempting to dig up anything it can. Will the automaker go so far as to manufacture "dirt" on a driver or illegally obtain private information? Does the HIPPA mean anything to automakers? Well, only time will tell.

ALL eyes are on Toyota, Chrysler, GM, and other automakers who plan to bury evidence of what experts reveal is an electronic glitch in the computer-driven throttle control systems. Based on what's happening in the GM ignition switch matter, it seems the public is on HIGH ALERT for lying, deceitful auto manufacturers who choose to HIDE serious safety defects from vehicle owners.

Scary part? The actual hiding of the problem is just the top of this multi-layered electronic sudden unintended acceleration cover-up. ALL eyes need to be on the Carol Fedigan and Roseanne Piccirilli JEEP unintended acceleration cases because it can happen to ANY driver of a vehicle with a glitch-prone all ELECTRONIC throttle control system! YOUR life can change in a moment's time if this happens to you. Just ask Carol Fedigan, Roseanne Piccirilli, and Mary Hill!

These cases are not about alcohol, prescription drugs, "driver error," or anything else that the automakers' attorneys can dig up in order to take the focus off the defective vehicle. It's about a RUNAWAY vehicle with ineffective braking. Carol Fedigan and her grandson are lucky to be alive! The open metal railing literally lassoed the JEEP as the wheels continued to SPIN out-of-control...just before the JEEP went plunging into to the lake below!

Remember the loud engine revving (high RPMs), squealing tires, and burning rubber smoke upon TAKE OFF! These crashes are always described as "bizarre!"

What's the scarier part? Many other vehicle owners have NOT been so lucky! Their lives have not been spared after a TERRIFYING sudden unintended acceleration episode! Imagine being on a rollercoaster ride without benefit of having a track to hold you down!

Toyota, in particular, knows all about this kind of SUA. It's NOT floor mat related. Right now, Toyota issued a subpoena for TOYOTA SUA WHISTLEBLOWER, Betsy Benjaminson. The automaker is harassing her legally in an attempt to SILENCE her. She can barely feed her children because she chose to do the right thing and risk it all (see her defense fund site). Does the automaker want to bankrupt her? Is this retribution because she posted internal Toyota documents alerting the public to Toyota's own concern about an electronic throttle control problem? Is it because she is championing SUA victims who are speaking out about the dangers in the Toyota electronics?

Toyota has already admitted to LYING to everyone, including the NHTSA, lawmakers, and its own customers. It's been the subject of a CRIMINAL investigation. BUT...neither Toyota or the Department of Justice have breathed a word about ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration. What's going on?

How much is known by Toyota? Other automakers? The DOJ, NHTSA, lawmakers? How much is being kept private due to $$ impact? How long do these crashes into storefronts, buildings, and homes have to go on before the PUBLIC takes a very close look at what's happening behind-the-scenes? Far too many of those supposedly protecting us are too beholden to Toyota economically...the entire auto industry, for that matter.

Scariest part? Is Toyota...and other automakers...manipulating those we assume are keeping us safe? Is it keeping things hidden via $$ control? Has this already been taking place for decades? Aren't the current GM and Toyota defect debacles reason enough to find out?

Attorney Bob Hilliard is heading in that direction. He's one of the super-heroes who helped free Koua Fong Lee from false imprisonment after his older runaway Toyota killed a part of a family.

We need many more such truth-seekers to uncover this scandal-of-all-scandals that is ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration!