Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Toyota Unintended Acceleration: Always TERRIFYING & Often AIRBORNE

Most Toyota SUA victims use the word "terrifying" in their description of the crashes or even in the event without a crash, IF they are lucky enough to stop the vehicle before it crashes! The witness said "horrific" and that word is also used a lot to describe these frightening events of unintended ELECTRONIC acceleration.

These accidents are described as a "freak" or "bizarre" because of the erratic behavior of the vehicles at the time of the incidents. Drivers are "shocked" or "dazed" or "confused" afterwards as you can imagine ANYONE would be!

This isn't about age, medical condition, or any other cause superficial to the ACTUAL no-speed or low-speed to AIRBORNE speed in seconds electronic cause of such accidents.

Make no mistake about it...there is a big PR push to make sure the driver is found to be at fault...even if it means conjuring up the most "handy" excuse possible. A real Toyota Corolla victim tells all about Toyota's coercion (a.k.a. BULLY) techniques on Twitter. What the automaker does to its own customers is unconscionable. When these loyal customers faithfully come to it to report this serious safety issue, Toyota's SMART team discredits their accounts of what happened.

If you read comment sections on these likely SUA crash report articles, you will see a lot of inappropriate joking going on at the car crash victim's expense. It happens time and time again.  If you take the time to track these articles, you will see the pattern emerge. Think all is innocent? Think again.

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